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Important Info About Adopted Dogs

As a reminder, Ponderosa Pet Resort will not board ANY dog that has been adopted, fostered, rescued, etc. for a period of 3-4 weeks from acquiring the pet full time AND the pet MUST have been seen by a veterinarian to confirm the pet is healthy and disease free. This is to ensure the health of the pet AS WELL as the health of other pet guests at our facility.

We support the shelters in every way and appreciate their hard work in a difficult situation. The 3-4 week waiting period is a policy that allows enough time for any illness to display itself and for your pet to receive treatment. Quite simply, dogs in a shelter or foster situation have unknown health history and we want to ensure that all of our guests are happy and healthy.

As a reminder, please ensure that your own pets are healthy enough to board. If you see anything with your pet that may indicate he/she is not feeling well, please contact your veterinarian PRIOR to boarding or daycare.

If you already have a reservation with us and you have recently adopted a pet from a shelter in the last 3-4 weeks, please call our staff to discuss options.

Thank you!