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Professional Puppy Training

Puppy Head-Start Program

We believe that every puppy deserves a Head Start in life.  Many times, people wait too long to begin training with their puppies and end up with a lifetime of behavioral issues.  Starting early is key to having a well-balanced pup.

With this program, we will get you and your puppy off to a wonderful start to make your relationships solid.  This program will lay the foundation to a well-behaved puppy that will easily carry over into adulthood.  You’ll be glad you started early!

Puppy Head-Start
Perfect beginner's training for your pup


  • Age 5-10 Months
  • 21-day Board & Train Program
  • Daycare Inclusion 3 Times Daily
  • Slower Structured Pace To Accommodate Pups
  • Leash Walking
  • Sit Command
  • Basic Stay Command
  • Intro to Come Command
  • Lay Down Command
  • Name Recognition ``Watch Me``
  • Appropriate Greeting
  • Select Puppy Playgroups / Socialization & Social Development
  • Reinforce Potty Training
  • Continue or Begin Crate Training
  • Includes 3 Follow-Up Lessons
  • ( Next Levels are Canine Foundation 2 & 3 )
  • ** Please understand this is an introductory training program for puppies and is not meant to be a final training program. This will lay a very solid foundation for your young dog and will allow you to start your dog on the right paw! **