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Dog Boarding in Georgetown TX

The Ponderosa Difference

At Ponderosa Pet Resort, your pet will be well cared for by our dedicated and highly trained staff. Our goal is to create a fun and safe environment where pets love to come and play and where owners can confidently place their trust in our standards of care.

Each of our staff members go through intense training to learn animal behavior and care, so you can trust our level of service is of the highest level.

We offer a variety of packages and lodging amenities to offer your pet a comfortable and enjoyable stay with us. Pets from the same family are allowed to share lodging space, at a discounted 2nd pet price. Please visit our PICS page to see our amenities.

FACILITY TOURS:  Although we accommodate walk-in tours when we can, we prefer that you schedule them with staff OR come during the following times:

Monday- Friday:  9am-11am OR 1pm-4pm

Saturday:  9am-11am

Sundays:  Not Available

Since we are schedule-driven with our services, there are times when tours simply aren’t available.  Thank you for understanding.

Please visit our BOARDING POLICIES page for important info.


  • Multiple potty breaks/day
  • Elevated cot
  • Sanitary feeding dishes
  • Climate-controlled indoor lodging
  • Daily “Room Service” cleaning
  • No cost to feed your food
  • No cost to give medicines
  • Social play groups ($27 value)
  • Daily behavior and health monitoring
  • Check-in ANY TIME – no additional fee
  • Lots of love from staff

Understanding Our Rates:  We are a social facility in which dogs are allowed to interact with each other in supervised, social play groups.  Any dog who is not social will not be placed into play / social groups.  We include this in your daily rate.  Other facilities will charge up to $10 – $30 per day for this, as it requires highly trained and adequate staff to understand dog behavior.  It’s a part of who we are and our staff is highly trained and committed to safe play!

Fees:  We operate like a human hotel.  Check out Monday – Friday is by 12 Noon.  We allow late check-outs Monday – Friday at a rate of $20 per dog.  This fee is to cover the care your dog is getting until you pick up prior to closing.

Sundays: Sundays are a premium day.  Many facilities will close the office on Sunday and force clients to board an additional night.  We realize that this can be an inconvenience for most, so we’ve decided all along that we will be open on Sunday afternoon from 4-6 PM for pick-ups.  We do charge a $20 per dog fee for any and all pick-ups on Sunday.  This fee covers the additional staffing needed for Sunday afternoons along with the care your dog receives.

Fear Aggression and General Aggression Dogs:  If you have a dog you know to show fear aggression or generalized aggression to strangers in the form of lunging, snapping or biting, it is IMPERATIVE that you speak with us PRIOR to lodging your dog here.

Should you fail to disclose this information to us, you will receive a call to come pick your dog up in the event that we discover this issue.  We can work through many issues, but YOU must be honest with us about your dog.  We will not place our staff in unnecessary situations.

See below for detailed boarding options, tailored for your pet.  We also have great add-ons to enhance your pets fun while with us.  Everything from extra walks, private play-time, greenies, puppy ice-cream, stuffed Kongs, splash pool time and more.  You’ll see all of our great add-ons when you check in.

SAVE MONEY!  Twice per year we offer crazy savings to our clients in the form of pre-paid vouchers.  This allows you to save big money by purchasing vouchers for $1OO and in return, you get $125 to spend with us.  This money sits in your account and never expires.  So, be looking for these sales on Thanksgiving Night and in May!

Premium Lodging
The best of the best!


  • Elevated Cot
  • 3 Play Groups /Day
  • Additional Daily Walk
  • Facebook Post With Pics of Your Pet
  • Night Tuck-In With Snack
  • Only $52 /Night for 2nd Pet
  • If Peak Season Add $5 Per Night
Standard Lodging
Our core offering with great accommodations


  • Elevated Cot
  • 3 Potty Breaks Per Day
  • Inclusion Into Play Groups
  • Only $36 /Night for 2nd Pet
  • If Peak Season Add $5 Per Night
Special Care Lodging
For guests who need extra care due to age or require closer monitoring


  • Suited for Dogs With:
  • Health Issues Like **Epilepsy
  • Diabetic Dogs
  • **Females In Season (Heat)
  • **Blind Dogs
  • Older Dogs
  • Other Special Needs
  • All-inclusive With Medicine Administration
  • Daily Health Monitoring
  • Space Is Limited To Allow Excellent Care
  • **Required Special Care
  • Only $44 /Night for 2nd Pet
  • If Peak Season Add $5 Per Night
Puppy Lodging
For guests younger than 10 months in age


  • Extra Potty Breaks - 6 Daily
  • Specialized Play Groups For Puppies
  • Supervised Social Interactions
  • Great Chew Toys To Satisfy Teething Needs
  • **Required If Younger Than 7 Months
  • Only $40 /Night For 2nd Pet
  • If Peak Season Add $5 Per Night
  • **We Strongly Recommend Scheduling a DEPARTURE BATH**
Senior Lodging
For Senior dogs who need a little more attention than the average dog


  • Orthopedic Cot
  • Daily Wellness Exam
  • Extra Walk to Keep Joints Loose
  • No Cost To Give Medications
  • Lots of Extra Love From Staff
  • Only $44 For 2nd Senior Pet
  • If Peak Season Add $5 Per Night
Overflow Lodging
Used When Other Boarding Options Are Booked


  • For Dogs 50 Lbs. or LESS
  • INCLUDES 3 Play Groups Each Day **
  • ** If Dog Is Socially Accepting of Dogs
  • If Peak Season Add $5 Per Night
  • This Is Crate Boarding
  • Dog Must Be Crate Trained